Remote Controller

This section explains how to use remote controller setup.

The remote controller feature of Erebus allows you to run Webots simulations over a network. One computer runs the Webots simulation, and the other computer runs the robot controller program. To use this feature, both computers must be on the same network and have Webots installed. It is strongly recommended to connect the computers via ethernet with at least a CAT5 cable to support 100 Mbits/s.

At the World Championship Competition, the game server may run on a computer prepared by the competition organizer, and the controller program (the team’s program) may run on the team’s computer.

For smooth onboarding at the competition site, it is recommended that you check and try out the settings in advance.

We are calling this setup as “Server-Client Setup”.

Setup Guide

Linux (Ubuntu)

Remote Controller Setup Guide for Linux (22.04 LTS)


Remote Controller Setup Guide for macOS


Remote Controller Setup Guide for Windows