Installation Guide for macOS

Installation & Setup Guide

  1. Download & Install Python 3.10.x 64 bit from the official website. Even if you have Python installed on your system via brew, anaconda, etc., we recommend that you install it afresh. Otherwise, the simulation may not work properly.

  2. Download & Install the Webots version 2023.b from their official repository.

  3. Download and unzip the latest Erebus Release Build.

Run the environment

Double click to run the world.wbt file from /game/worlds/world1.wbt, opening it in Webots. The first time you run the simulator, it will automatically install the Python libraries needed to run the simulation, which may take some time (Initializing Process).

If the time limit is not displayed, as in the following image, the initializing process is in progress. This process can take up to a minutes, depending on the performance of your computer.


First of all, please check the console window. If you see any errors, you will need to try to resolve them.

Common Errors

WARNING: Python was not found

  1. Open the terminal and excute following command
    which python
  2. Open Webots -> Preferences.
  3. Set the path found in step1 to “Python command” field.

The simulation runs too slowly

This is probably due to the low performance of your computer. This may be improved by adjusting the “accuracy” of the graphics according to the following procedure. However, you should take into account that these “adjustments” are only valid for testing in your environment, and that in a competition the game may be run under different adjustments.

  1. Open Webots -> Preferences.
  2. Open the OpenGL tab
  3. Set the various parameters appropriately.